December 14, 1981


Band Members:
Dan Söderqvist

Karl Gasleben

Jocke Söderqvist


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In 1981 the Electro punk group Cosmic Overdose reformed as Twice a man and became one of the first entirely electronic bands in Sweden. Dan Söderqvist & Karl Gasleben initially created reasonably accessible dark wave/synthpop songs, but with time they progressed into experimental & ambient domains. During the 90's the band became a project group, composing music for film, dance and theatre performances, audio books and computer games.



Single Releases

Release of the Album "On the other side of the mirror"


Release of the CD Cocoon

Studio work and a concert at Gaslebens wedding


Studio work


Studio work

2016 started with a calm, reflective period. In the summer the project Cocoon was initiated. Cocoon is a poetic soundscape composition. It was premiered at the GAS-festival in October, this concert was in collaboration with the Berlin based project Skin Of Their Light. Cocoon is a work in progress and recordings will start during Spring 2017. Twice a Mans collaboration with Teater Halland continued with the 6th annual UN day and an audiobook with texts from the poet Ingela Strandberg. During Autumn Twice a Man compiled a CD box for Progress Production of the work of Cosmic Overdose 1978-81, the predesser of Twice a Man. This 3 CD box was released as Total Koko in November. A Warm Wave Concert was played in Malmö, 30th Oct with Zanias and Njurmännen. Twice a Man also made a concert in Heerlen, Holland the 5th of Nov.


2015 has brought more concerts with the original line-up and a new song album "Presence" was released 6th of November. A new concept for live shows has been created, The Warm Wave Concerts. These concerts were made with other bands in the genre, to build a network for future collaborations. The first two concerts were in Gothenburg 29th and Stockholm 30th of May in collaboration with the Argentine band Vólkova, Keluar from Berlin and the two Swedish bands Red Mecca and Alvar. Early September Twice a Man played in Berlin and on the NCN festival outside Leipzig. Warm Wave 2 Concerts was performed 6th Nov in Gothenburg and 7th Nov in Stockholm, this time with Italian band Schonwald and Swedish White Birches.


2014 started of with music and sound design for a theatre production at Teater Halland. Ibsens "Hedda Gabler" was premiered 29th of March. Twice man also made some concerts with the line-up from 1983-86, including Jocke Söderqvist. This to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the album "From A Northern Shore". First concert was at the Grauzone festival, Melkweg, Amsterdam, followed by Jönköping, Stockholm and at Electronic Winter at Brewhouse, Gothenburg, Sweden. Two digital albums of music connected to Twice a Man was releases in December, Beehive Plains "Gong" and Dan Söderqvist´s "A Defence of Poetry", both instrumental work.


2013 saw a number of projects, starting off with a Vinyl Box of cassette music from 1979-85. It contains Final Koko by Cosmic Overdose, The Sound of a Goat in a Room by Twice a man and Through by Lars Falk. There are also bonus tracks included. It was released on the German label V.O.D. during March. A new commision from Dansmuseet in Stockholm to make research, sound and music for the new museum. The Exhibition, Sleeping Beauty, opened the 24th of October. A new Audio book for Theatre Halland was released during the Autumn, a double cd release with poets from Halland.


The 10th of February 2012 there was an opening of the exhibition Korolys Kostym Drama at Dansmuseet, Stockholm. Twice a man provided Sounds and Music for this installation in a 20 Channel Surround System. To coincide with the opening, an ambient cd, Costume Area, was released. During spring and summer 2012 Twice a man was composing and editing music for Shakespeares A Midsummernightsdream, commissioned by Teater Halland. It was be performed at Tjolöholm Castle close to Göteborg. Premiered the 17th of July. During autumn 2012 Twice a man made an ambient performace / installation at 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg: "Honey is flowing in all directions". Made their second year as pedagogs for the UN Day, this time with Danish students. They also produced music and sounds for the Audio Book "Ljuset kommer från Halmstad".


Twice a man were during 2011 working on a number of projects; An Ambient Concert, premiered at the Norbergfestival the 30th of July. Music for two Theatreplays at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. At the World Heritage of Grimeton they were, together with children, teachers and other artists working in a project about Dreams of the Future to celebrate the UN day the 24th of October. Twice a man were also perfoming clubconcert; as support to D.A.F in Copenhagen the 24th of September and as headline at the Closer Club in Roma the 26th of November.


In 2010 the album Icicles was released. Icicles is a quite retro futuristic collection of songs.