Reveries in a Pine Forest Glade

Poetic Soundscapes live 2016

Album 2019



















Nature and landscapes with all it´s myriad of sounds and expressions, has always played an important part in Twice a Man´s creative process. They enter deeply into textures of natural sounds and music to paint an ambience where they look for a spiritual quality in music, a kind of "otherness". Music can transcend you, purify you and open doors to the imagination. The performance and music interact with lights and projections that creates a virtual scenography, a window that deepens the experience. There are certain atmospheres that could be described as "Nordic", perhaps generated from long winters, darkness, melancholia, the desolate Scandinavian landscapes. There is a nostalgia or longing for something that is lost, like we are butterflies wihout wings, searching for beauty to find truth and something to believe in.


I´ve been chasing this dream as long as i remember

these graceful moments, these states of mind,

when time slows down and I become one

with all that surrounds me, all fear left behind


Coccon had its first performance 28th of October 2016 for Gothenburg Art Sound Festival at Atalante in Gothenburg. It is a work in progress. Recordings have be made during Spring 2017.

And the album where released in Januari 30 2019.