Costume Area 49:47   2012

CD Ad Inexplorata, Xenophone International


Twice a man / Costume Area

an ambient album

Release the 13th of February 2012.


Along Twice a mans ordinary work as a music band, they have been working with soundtrack related music since the middle of the 80´s. Their first commission from The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm was the play Thorsten Fiskare in 1987. In this play they launched the idea of music ambience as part of the scenography. Scenographer and Costume Designer was Charles Koroly and this theatre play was the beginning of a long artistic collaboration. Twice a man and Charles Koroly have been working together in a number of productions, mostly in theatre, but also in film, radioplays and installations. Among the work you can find; A Midsummernights Dream (-91) and The Queens Diadem (-08) for The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Poe (-98) and Nijinskij (-00) for the Swedish Radio and Richard the Third (-07) for Stockholm City Theatre.


Costume Area is music for Charles Korolys installation Korolys Kostym Drama at Dansmuseet, Stockholm, 10th of Feb - 2nd of Sept, 2012. The sounds and the music are partly taken from previous productions, where Korolys costumes were originally created, such as A Midsummernights Dream, Richard the Third and The Queens Diadem. Complimenting with new music, sounds and the voice of Koroly, Costume Area can be listening upon as an audio scenography to the installation. In the installation hall there are 20 loudspeakers, all with its own unique sound. The music on the album is a simulation of walking in the installation, where different sound sources are correlating to the costumes, objects and pictures. It´s also a walk through memory lane where the 25 year long collaborative work between Charles Koroly and Twice a man is presented. Costume Area represent the most ambient work in the production of Twice a man, so far.


So, what is this music about? It is many years of dreaming concentrated to a short hour of music. It is the opium dreams of Poe, fayries singing in a forest, images seen in fluffy white clouds,  It is what is happening behind closed eyelids, in a state between awake and sleep, memories passing in an endless void. All that, but beyond and endless, mirrors of ideas and beauty. Things that you never can hold in your hand, but nevertheless real. All these sounds have origins in artistic projects, connected to ideas and when put together, they embrace a search for beauty.