Driftwood 1988


Some strange and bad things happened in our neighbourhood

that summer. The algae had a poisonous blooming,

which did effect the fish and seals along our coast. On walks

by the sea you could find dead fish. Alarming! The newspapers

were full of articles and the public awareness of pollution

was intensified. This was the time for ecology and awareness

of natures balance. It came natural to work with this

theme as the next project, "Driftwood".


As inspiration, besides long walks by the seashore, one

persons work was essential, Richard Longs. A line of stones

in the Himalaya, a wordpiece about placing objects at the

edge of the Pacific, a circle of driftwood on the Alaskian

shore, a walk through snow, wind and sunlight in Lappland, a

mudcicle on a gallerywall. These are examples of works by

Richard Long. His effort to reach a profound knowledge of

nature, through sensibility and humility, was an encouragement

for the work composing "Driftwood".


Our work with "Driftwood" was in a sense a way back into

childhood, when a stone could be important, when the sound

of water filled ones head, when "simple" things were marvels.

We opened, once again, the "Doors of Perception".

Entered an altered state, where time flowed slowly.

We recorded and collected sounds and pictures during our

walks. Birds, wind, the sound of different waters. A lapwing

on eggs, dead fishes by the seashore.


This material was used on the album and in the performance.

The album was filled with these samples and atmospheres

from the seashore. The music was composed, performed

and produced in Twice A Mans studio Siberia.

Additional voices sung and spoken by Katty Axelsson and

Maria Ericson.


The performance Driftwood was not what the Twice A

Man audience expected, it wasn't a concert, it was more like

a theatreproduction with scenography, videoscreens etc .. the

music was on tape and the only thing live was the singing