The Sound of a Goat in a Room  1983



After Twice a Mans first album Music for Girls, Lars Falk quit the band to make his own music. Dan and Karl invited the producer Mikael Fölch to record new material, some in a professional 24-channel studio and some on their own studio equipment.


The whole production was made in only 3 weeks, composing, recording and mixing. The result was released as the MC The Sound of a Goat in a Room. It had a more experimental, darker sound than Music for Girls, a start for a northern melancholic sound that would be a trademark for later releases.


It was also the first time that sampling was used. With this music Twice a man toured in Scandinavia, Holland and Belgium during 1983. Even if there always been an interest in the visual part of the live-shows, now was the first time that the production was made out of a concept or a theme, also for the backdrop and the lights.


Twice a Man and the artist Eva Larsson made a very large painting at the seashore on an old fashioned tarpaulin to be used as the backdrop for the live show. This was documented by the photographer and light designer Lars Sundestrand.