Warm Wave Concerts 2015


When the precursor of Twice a Man, Cosmic Overdose, was performing the first concerts in Sweden in the end of the 70´s with rhythm box, synthesizers and weird sounding guitar the journalists tagged the music "cold wave". We had the opposite view, as we were run by passion, anger, melancholy..


As then, we now live in dark times; terror, corruption, war, greed.. We still have to hunt down inner and outer demons, to deal with the dark sides of life and society, to activate a rebellion against what is fundamentally wrong. Music without darkness is not possible. The Warm Wave bands all have this in common. There is a mutual understanding that i feel is intuitive. The Warm Wave concept is powered by rebellion and passion, a refusal to adapt to an individualistic social climate. We find answers in empathy, solidarity, equality and visions that other ways of living is possible.


"We believe in colors of the rainbow and we find comfort in the heart of darkness. We believe the heart to be red and rebellious and that it stings and itches when the world is breaking apart."


During two weekends in Sweden in May and November 2015 the Warm Wave Concerts took place. Bands that participated were Vólkova, Keluar, Alvar, Red Mecca, Schonwald, White Birches and Twice a Man. The concerts were amazing! All bands are different, with their own expressions, but there are plenty of originality, beauty and love to share.


Quote from White Birches Manifesto 2015